Janssen Lays Groundwork, Shows Great Promise in Texas

The third weekend of April marked Rd. 3 of the Mountain Dew AMA ATV Pro National Championship Series. The world's best ATV racers would head to Texas for the first time in nearly a decade, one of those highly touted riders being the reigning AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year, Cody Janssen. Coming off of a frustrating round in Georgia, Janssen looked to make his mark at the beautiful Underground MX facility in Kemp, Texas. Knowing he was one of the only professionals to have never been to this facility, he knew his work would be cut out for him, but he was ready for the challenge. After getting a glimpse of the track, Cody was licking his chops to set foot on the racing surface.

With Saturday comes Pro Class racing in the world’s most prestigious ATV Motocross series. Janssen, normally a stellar qualifier, would see his best performances during the two motos on this day. In both races Janssen started outside the top 15 but fought and clawed his way through the pack to finish near the top 10 in both races. It was a gutty performance the way Janssen moved through the pack, certainly turning heads in the process. It was noted by a few that the #40 rider surely made more passes than anybody else in the motos, Cody’s great physical fitness was on full display. The reigning Rookie of the Year was starting to find his footing in his sophomore season as a professional.

Naturally, on Sunday comes Pro Am racing, where Cody Janssen is in his final year of eligibility in the class. A good amount of rain Saturday night made for nearly perfect conditions Sunday morning. Knowing it is his final year of eligibility, and coming off a race in Georgia where a mechanical issue cost him a podium, Janssen wanted to make his mark on this Underground MX track and get himself a podium. Right off the bat however, it would appear not to be in the cards on this weekend. In the first corner of Moto 1 Janssen got in a tangle up and found himself off the racetrack. Much like Saturday, Janssen mounted a charge, but could only make his way around the top 10 by moto's end. Moto 2 would give a little better glimpse of what the Wisconsin native has in store for the 2015 season. Starting somewhere inside the top 10, Janssen made a couple crafty moves on the first lap to find himself in the fourth place position. With at least a top three for the moto in mind, Janssen was proving that is where he belongs. After getting stuck on a berm and letting a few people by, Janssen found his composure and finished the moto right outside the top five. It wasn't necessarily what the strong young rider was looking for, but it was a lot closer to where he wanted to be. The 2015 season looks to shine bright for Cody Janssen.

"It wasn't the easiest of weekends." Cody admitted in hindsight as he reviewed his weekend. "But I think we had a solid enough weekend that we can say we laid the groundwork needed to learn from and build off of going forward. The way I was able to make passes when I needed to, and to be one of the strongest guys late in the races, that made me feel good about where I am and VERY good about where I'm going. It's not supposed to be easy, and this weekend wasn't, but this may just be the kind of weekend that we needed to have to get to where I ultimately want to be. I am very optimistic and feel like we are capable of some very special things at Muddy Creek and beyond. Looking forward to getting a taste of that podium very soon." 

Without his sponsors and supporter, racing at a national level and defending his Rookie of the Year title wouldn’t be an option for the #40. Cody must thank his parents/family and the rest of the Janssen Motorsports crew; Thank you to Elka Suspension for everything they do for #40, phenomenal products and even better people. Also, Corrosion Specialties and the Parrish Family (especially for their great hospitality and friendship leading up to the Texas National), Maxxis Tires, SSI Decals, Walsh Racecraft, Londerville Steel, Valvoline, Koster Racing, FMF, Hinson Clutch Components, DP Brakes, Thor MX, 100%, Oshkosh Tattoo and Good Girl Piercing, Napa of Peru, Indiana; FourWerx Carbon, Sconnie Nation, Piping Service INC., DT-1 Filters, Sunstar Sprockets, D.I.D Chains, Galfer USA, Rath Racing, Pivot Works, CP-Carrillo, Dynamite ATV, Tweeked Powderworks, Honda East Toledo, Works Connection, Don Straus, Pro-Tec, Jeremy Edwards at Edwards Auctioneering, Corey Garrison at Parts Unlimited, Terry Moore at Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Dynamic Graphics, Team AndyStrong, his phenomenal mechanics (Joel Janssen, Todd Blom, and Dan Binder), as well as everyone else that supports him. We are all healthy and that is a blessing in itself; Cody will be ready to come out swinging at the next round in Tennessee in 2 weeks. Until then, take care and may God bless you.

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