2019 Preseason Press Release: Cody Janssen

238 days – From the last gate drop of the 2018 ATV Motocross National Championship series to the first holeshot of the 2019 season, 238 long days must first pass. That equates to nearly 8 months, and though National Championships are crowned at the race track, what takes place during those 34 weeks is what separates the contenders from the pretenders.

In 2018, former AMA ATV Pro Rookie of the Year Cody Janssen opted to race the Junior 25+ division. The multi-time National Champion made this decision due to several factors including: his work and school schedule, limited support, and lack of seat time. What Cody didn’t know at the time of his decision was the 25+ class would feature a few former pros and see some of the best racing of any class at the ATV nationals. It ultimately turned into a two rider fight between pros Nick Moser and Cody Janssen, a battle which raged on throughout the entire summer. Janssen lost the title but grabbed three overall national event wins and ended the season with a streak of back-to-back wins at RedBud and Loretta Lynn’s.

Cody Janssen’s 2018 season was somewhat disappointing to him because a number of wins were so close, he could nearly taste them. He was the only rider to finish either first or second in every moto, but even more impressive was the fact that in half of the motos in which he finished 2nd place, he lost the race by less than one second – he fought until he was out of time, every single time. However, though Cody came out on the losing end of the battle, the fun that was had and memories made created the most enjoyable summer the 26-year-old life-long-racer has ever had. So, coming into 2019, like Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wallstreet, Cody Janssen wasn’t leaving ATV motocross.

There have been talks of the #25 making his return to AMA ATV Pro class racing. If the rumors are true, it makes sense because during Janssen’s ferocious battles with Moser last season, the two turned lap times that would squarely put them inside the pro class top 10, if not the top 5. Cody, nor a team representative, would confirm nor deny the reports, but as one source close to the situation put it: “It’s not a matter of IF you’d see Cody back in the pro class, it’s WHEN.” So, with the season opener in Texas next weekend, where will we see him? Whatever class it is, I think it’s safe to say Cody Janssen will be up front before making his eventual return to the AMA ATV Pro Class. One thing is for certain however, in the 238 days since the end of last season, no one has worked as hard as this guy did.

The pursuit of Cody’s third National Championship and hopes to add to his lofty total of 34 national event wins wouldn’t be possible without the support of so many great individuals, companies, and families. Cody must thank all the riders and families who support the Cody Janssen Riding School. He wants to thank the Swartfager family of Swartfager Farms and Knox Country Farm Supply for their continued support this season. Huge thank you for the continued support to SSI Decals, Elka Suspension, CST Tires, Valvoline, FMF Racing, and Pivot Works – without the continued support of these long-time believers it wouldn’t be possible. Thank you to his family, mechanic Dan Binder, and the rest of the crew at Janssen Motorsports. Thank yous continue to Goldspeed Products, Ameriprise and the Hemauer Financial Group, the Kindrick Family and Kindrick Racing, E-Z Up Brand, Klink Equipment and Klink Hydraulics, Jay Gobel and Casey Greek of Impact Solutions, Hinson Clutch Components, Thor MX, The Program Training, D.I.D Chain, Atlas Brace, Bell Helmets, the Stanfield family and Napa (of Peru, Indiana), Cliff Cox and Oshkosh Tattoo & Good Girl Piercing, Precision Powder LLC, Ride 100% Brand, Trimble’s Cycle Center, DT1 Filters, Larry Mills and DP Brakes, Rath Racing, Walsh RaceCraft, Fourwerx Carbon, Sunstar Sprockets, Works Connection, Renthal, Corey Garrison and Parts Unlimited, the Reynolds Family and Reynolds Body Shop, 4arm Strong, Fuel Customs, the Dean and Pauline Janssen family, Energy Release, Pro-Tec Racing, Evans Cooling, Motion Pro, Blenders Eyewear, First Endurance, Pro Moto Billet/Fastway, Nova Racing Transmissions, Mountaineer Brand, Tim “Burr” Decoster, and many others. Without such amazing support, chasing dreams and goals would never be possible. The 2019 ATV Motocross National Championship series kicks off next weekend at Underground Mx in Kemp, Texas, April 6-7. Cody will look to keep his winning streak alive from the end of last season. See you there!