Janssen Wins Moto 1, but Second Moto Mishap Costs Him Chance at Overall Victory at Muddy Creek

After winning two of the first three national events of the 2019 season, and only losing the other due to mechanical misfortune moments before the finish line, Cody Janssen came into the 4th round of the ATV National Championship series with a great deal of confidence. Muddy Creek Raceway, located in east Tennessee and surrounded by the Great Smokey Mountains, has been a facility which has played host to some of Janssen’s greatest performances over the years. In 2012 he achieved his first Pro Am podium on the hills of the historic raceway, a few years later he tied his best Pro Class finish at this track, and now he would look for yet another strong finish on this Memorial Day weekend in 2019.

Janssen picked up right where he left off with his strong efforts at Muddy Creek, reportedly notching the fastest lap time of the day during Friday’s practice session. That momentum rolled into Saturday’s Moto 1, where the #25 rider made a quick pass into the lead in a unique corner featuring three rollers at its apex; Cody would then run away to a comfortable victory. In the final moto of the weekend, Cody came out of the holeshot in third place before making a quick pass into the runner-up spot by carrying more momentum down the track’s infamous rhythm section and using a fast outside/inside move in the “S” corners that followed. Now focused on the top spot, Janssen applied pressure on the leader just inches in tow. But in the same corner that he made the race winning pass the day before, he made contact with the other rider and killed his engine as a result. He eventually got his machine started but the uncharacteristic mistake cost him a chance at the moto win and another overall victory. The 1-7 scores would earn Cody Janssen a 5th place overall finish in the Junior 25+ class.

“I’m bummed.” Janssen said simply after his Moto 2 mishap. “It was a pretty tough track to pass on this weekend. I had a couple sections picked out where I knew I could make the move but to do so you had to be really close [going into the section]. As I set it up, my tires contacted his in a low speed corner and that force was enough to snub my engine…The shame of it was I felt I was probably the strongest I’ve been all year to this point, but we have a little break to get even stronger and the next three events are my favorite on the circuit. I just wish we could go racing tomorrow to get this bad taste out of my mouth.”

Cody likes to say that the tough times make the successful ones that much sweeter, but it wasn’t all bad at Muddy Creek. Each year Janssen participates in the National ATV Youth Program’s rider gate prep silent auction. This year Tanner Schroeder won his “services” and it was extra special when he learned that the family was only going to attend the Muddy Creek National if they won the auction to have Tanner’s favorite rider at the gate with him. Well needless to say they won the silent auction, made the trip to east Tennessee, and Tanner enjoyed his time with Cody – making improvements every time out on the track and scoring strong 7th overall finished in both his classes. Great job Tanner! These are the memories Cody will never forget and the moments that he lives for; this is what ATVMX is all about.

36 national event wins and counting, as well as making these memories with his loved ones, wouldn’t be possible without the support of so many great individuals, companies, and families. Cody must thank all the riders and families who support the Cody Janssen Riding School. He wants to thank the Swartfager family of Swartfager Farms and Knox Country Farm Supply for their continued support this season. Huge thank you for the continued support to SSI Decals, Elka Suspension, CST Tires, Valvoline, FMF Racing, and Pivot Works – without the continued support of these long-time believers it wouldn’t be possible. Thank you to his family, girlfriend Taylor, mechanic Dan Binder, and the rest of the crew at Janssen Motorsports. Thank yous continue to Goldspeed Products, Ameriprise and the Hemauer Financial Group, Al Corey Electric, the Kindrick Family and Kindrick Racing, E-Z Up Brand, Klink Equipment and Klink Hydraulics, Jay Gobel and Casey Greek of Impact Solutions, Hinson Clutch Components, Thor MX, The Program Training, D.I.D Chain, Atlas Brace, Bell Helmets, the Stanfield family and Napa (of Peru, Indiana), Cliff Cox and Oshkosh Tattoo & Good Girl Piercing, Precision Powder LLC, Ride 100% Brand, Trimble’s Cycle Center, DT1 Filters, Larry Mills and DP Brakes, Rath Racing, Walsh RaceCraft, Fourwerx Carbon, Sunstar Sprockets, Works Connection, Renthal, Corey Garrison and Parts Unlimited, the Reynolds Family and Reynolds Body Shop, 4arm Strong, Fuel Customs, the Dean and Pauline Janssen family, Energy Release, Pro-Tec Racing, Evans Cooling, Motion Pro, Blenders Eyewear, First Endurance, Pro Moto Billet/Fastway, Nova Racing Transmissions, Mountaineer Brand, Tim “Burr” Decoster, Dallas Janssen, and many others. Without such amazing support, chasing dreams and goals would never be possible. Photos thanks to Logan Tremellen. The rolling plains of northern Illinois play host to the next stop on the 2019 ATV Motocross National Championship tour, as Cody Janssen and the rest of the ATV motocross world head to his “home” race at Sunset Ridge MX on the weekend of June 15-16. Cody will look to get back to his winning ways at his closest national event on the circuit, see you there!