Cody Janssen Crowned National Champion following Victory at Loretta Lynn’s

On the Saturday of the RedBud National, after getting a rock stuck in his front brake rotor and suffering a crash because of it, Cody Janssen thought his run at a national title was over. He remounted and made as many passes as possible before the checkered flag flew, but upon returning to the pits he couldn’t help himself from shedding tears as he thought his title hopes had come to an end. Knowing all he could do was win and hope for the best, Janssen went on to dominate Moto 2 in Michigan. After the dust had settled, Cody’s impressive bounce back in the second moto had earned him 3rd overall on the weekend – WHICH KEPT HIM ALIVE IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP CHASE! The ATV Motocross National Championship season finale at Loretta Lynn’s would serve as a winner-take-all event in the Junior 25+ Class. If Cody could win the event, he would be crowned National Champion as well.

Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, is the world capital of motocross racing from the second half of July through the beginning of August each year. The facility famously hosts the most prestigious amateur motocross event on the planet before hosting the stars of ATV Motocross every August. More motocross dreams are realized at this great facility than anywhere else on earth, and Cody Janssen and his crew came to “The Ranch” hoping to achieve a goal and dream of their own. Win the weekend’s overall and take the National Championship home with it!

Cody came out of the gate 2nd in Moto 1 and made the pass for the lead just a few corners into the race. After grabbing the lead, the #25 set sail on a dominant performance and finished with a large margin of victory – he was halfway there. The nerves were high as the Janssen crew headed to the starting line for Moto 2. Knowing a win was the only option, Cody quickly took control by grabbing the holeshot and never looking back. He rode a smart race all the way to the finish, and as he crossed the finish line with both hands in the air he couldn’t contain his excitement – the dream ride was complete! With his perfect 1-1 performance on the weekend, he had won the overall victory at Loretta Lynn’s and claimed the Junior 25+ National Championship by a single point.


Surrounded by his family, with tears running down his face, and holding a plate that said “National Champion”, Janssen had this to say from atop the podium: “My family has sacrificed so much, and my parents have given up everything they’ve ever had to assist me in achieving this goal. This year it seems like we either won or suffered some kind of issue, but we knew if we won [here at Loretta’s] we would seal the deal – and we made it happen! We’ve sold our souls to ATV motocross and I wouldn’t have it any other way, this is what I love to do, and this is what I live for. I’m just grateful that God has put me in this position….We just won a National Championship, I’m on cloud nine, and I’m going to celebrate with an ice cream cone real quick (laughs)!” Cody’s emotions came to the surface as he finished with a championship-worthy two-handed fist pump that even Tiger Woods would’ve been proud of.

The champ’s dream ride at Loretta Lynn’s sealed the deal for the Junior 25+ National Championship, his third national title. His season started and ended with multiple-race dominant runs, but mid-season obstacles kept the championship close -- however it doesn’t get any better than performing in crunch time when your back is against the wall. From the highest of the highs – earning the national title at Loretta’s, to the lowest of the lows – thinking it was over at the penultimate round, this has truly been an unforgettable year.

Cody Janssen 2019 campaign consisted for 4 overall victories, 11 moto wins, 9 holeshots, all en route to his National Championship. However, such an amazing season would not be possible without so many incredible supporters. Cody must thank all the riders and families who support the Cody Janssen Riding School. He must also thank everyone for the outpouring of support for his new project, the Digging Deep ATVMX Podcast. He wants to thank the Swartfager family of Swartfager Farms and Knox Country Farm Supply for their continued support this season. Huge thank you for the continued support to SSI Decals, Elka Suspension, CST Tires, Valvoline, FMF Racing, and Pivot Works – without the continued support of these long-time believers it wouldn’t be possible. Thank you to his family, girlfriend Taylor, mechanic Dan Binder, and the rest of the crew at Janssen Motorsports. Thank yous continue to Goldspeed Products, Ameriprise and the Hemauer Financial Group, Al Corey Electric, the Kindrick Family and Kindrick Racing, E-Z Up Brand, Klink Equipment and Klink Hydraulics, Jay Gobel and Casey Greek of Impact Solutions, Hinson Clutch Components, Thor MX, The Program Training, D.I.D Chain, Atlas Brace, Bell Helmets, the Stanfield family and Napa (of Peru, Indiana), Cliff Cox and Oshkosh Tattoo & Good Girl Piercing, Precision Powder LLC, Ride 100% Brand, Trimble’s Cycle Center, DT1 Filters, Larry Mills and DP Brakes, Rath Racing, Walsh RaceCraft, Fourwerx Carbon, Sunstar Sprockets, Works Connection, Renthal, Corey Garrison and Parts Unlimited, the Reynolds Family and Reynolds Body Shop, 4arm Strong, Fuel Customs, the Dean and Pauline Janssen family, Energy Release, Pro-Tec Racing, Evans Cooling, Motion Pro, Blenders Eyewear, First Endurance, Pro Moto Billet/Fastway, Nova Racing Transmissions, Rocket Machining and Design, Mountaineer Brand, Tim “Burr” Decoster, the Hanabarger family, the Hart and Vallone families, Dallas Janssen, and many others. Without such amazing support, chasing dreams and goals would never be possible. Photos curtesy of Logan Tremellen. The ATVMX community will celebrate Cody Janssen’s championship (along with the rest of its champions) on Saturday, November 30, in Morgantown, WV. After such a hard-fought season, we surely cannot wait. See you there!

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